About Us

My introduction to modern board gaming came largely through my husband. I had, of course, played classic board games like Sorry!, Monopoly, Chess, etc growing up. And I had also played other gateway board games like Ticket to Ride and Sequence after that.

But, I had not touched a modern board game until my husband Ben asked for (and received) 7 Wonders for Christmas one year.

For a little backstory, when we got married, Ben was an avid video gamer. And I hated video games. I had never really played them, so my hate for video games was mainly based on stereotypes. Still, I refused to play them with Ben, although I did try once and it didn’t’ go well.

We were newly married and my husband was longing to have a way to connect through a shared hobby. So, he started doing research about board games as an option. And boy, did he do a lot of research.

He was searching for and buying games that he thought I might like. We learned a LOT of board games in a very short amount of time, and while I liked them, learning so many games so fast gave me a headache, and nothing had really truly piqued my interest.

Well, at least, not until we played Clank.

(More to come soon.)