Tainted Grail: How to Get Experience? A Quick Guide

Tainted Grail has quickly become one of my favorite modern board games. But when my husband and I first started playing Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon, we found ourselves wondering how to gain the “resources” the game uses during play—experience, magic, food, wealth, reputation, etc.

Now that we’ve played through several chapters of the game, we have a much better understanding of how to gain the “resources” the game uses.

So how do you gain experience in Tainted Grail? The short answer is that you gain experience through events, combat encounters, diplomacy encounters, exploration, and even by completing chapters.

But keep reading, as I’ll share more detail about why you would want to gain experience in Tainted Grail, and how to do so.

Why Should You Gain Experience in Tainted Grail?

You might be wondering why you should gain experience in Tainted Grail—what is it good for?

Gaining experience in Tainted Grail allows you to advance your character, which will ultimately make you stronger. There are a few ways you can upgrade your character through experience. You can spend experience to:

  • Upgrade your diplomacy deck
  • Upgrade your combat deck
  • Gain more attributes

Upgrading your decks and gaining attributes will definitely give you a leg up in combat and diplomacy. Even exploring in different locations will take into account what attributes you have!

To summarize, experience is what makes your character’s strength improve overall, allowing you to do better in the game.

How to Gain Experience in Tainted Grail?

So, if gaining experience is good to build your character, how can you gain it? Keep reading, as I’ll cover five easy ways for you to gain experience in Tainted Grail: Fall of Avalon.

Before doing that, however, I did want to mention that while you can gain experience through combat and diplomacy encounters, every reward and loot will vary, and the reward will not be experience every time.

1. Combat Encounters

This is one of my favorite ways to gain experience. Fight! Go to places where you can draw a red, green, or purple encounter. I always recommend fighting with your teammates—you have a much better chance of winning that way.

2. Diplomacy Encounters

Diplomacy was a bit harder for me to learn than combat was. But, after taking the time to learn how to rightly complete a diplomacy encounter, I love it! It’s like a puzzle.

If you want to try gaining experience through diplomacy, you’ll want to draw from the blue encounter deck.

3. Exploration

If you’re playing the story mode, this can be a great way for you to gain experience, since you’ll likely be exploring a lot during the game.

Depending on what choices you make while exploring, and what location you’re exploring, this can be a great way to gain experience!

4. Events

This is definitely a more passive way to gain experience, but yes—you can gain experience through some events you may draw!

5. Completing Chapters

This is another passive way to gain experience, but it’s one way to gain experience nonetheless. Some chapters will give you experience as you complete them!

Tainted Grail: Gaining Experience

There are several ways you can gain experience in Tainted Grail: Fall of Avalon. You can gain experience through diplomacy and combat encounters, exploration, events, and by completing chapters.

You can use experience to strengthen your character in the game. It’s definitely fun to upgrade your character. Have fun doing so!

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